Offering comprehensive emergency management solutions to help communities manage their projects, maximize disaster funding, meet disaster housing needs and minimize recovery time.

You need someone to help you fix the mess.

The winds have stopped bellowing and the rain has stopped, but the damage remains. The river crested and the waters have begun to recede, yet the devastation has not gone away. You field calls from the press wanting answers, from private citizens needing help, from legislators seeking to get information to ease the rising anxiety of their constituents, but you don’t know exactly where to turn. Public infrastructure is damaged, homes are destroyed, businesses are closed and people cannot go to work or resume their lives. You need someone to guide you through the confusing litany of statutes and regulations that govern disaster and emergency management assistance.

We are here to help.

We are the Stafford Act and Disaster Recovery Services. We have over 30 years of combined experience in emergency management covering all aspects of disaster assistance, including public assistance, hazard mitigation and individual assistance. We can help you formulate eligible projects, write project worksheets, build disaster-resistant communities, manage temporary housing, acquire repetitive-loss residences and businesses, relocate tenants and homeowners and secure federal disaster assistance funds from FEMA. We are a beacon of light when the lights go out and you can’t find your way.