Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR)

Community Redevelopment

Our highly qualified staff of senior management, program managers and partners specialize in community reconstruction, public assistance project development, hazard mitigation program management and meeting post-disaster housing needs including traditional disaster housing assistance programs.

We have managed over $500M in Community Reconstruction projects under HUD CDBG-DR regulations. In providing disaster housing assistance, we employ a full spectrum of housing recovery solutions. We strategically combine temporary housing and emergency home repair as authorized under the Stafford Act, tenant relocation as outlined in the Uniform Relocation Act and various types of permanent replacement housing into a continuum of housing assistance.

We provide experienced management and consultation services for the seamless transition from living in a safe, secure, and sanitary temporary housing unit, to securing safe and disaster resistant permanent replacement housing. Our specialty services include housing counselors, relocation services, property development and management (both single-family and multi- unit rental housing), and the identification of and assistance with financial resources, particularly for low-to-moderate income purchasers.

  • Administration of disaster housing assistance – rehabilitation, repair, replacement
  • Manage infrastructure and community reconstruction
  • Infrastructure grants and implementation compliance
  • Serving LMI communities through program delivery via non-profit organizations
  • Implementation of “gap” funding — difference between destroyed home and replacement home
  • Institute proven housing recovery programs
  • Re-establish viability of businesses
  • Fiscal and programmatic reporting responsibility to state, county, and/or federal government
  • Directly responsible for administration of over $50 Million in housing and community redevelopment assistance in western NC after the 2004 hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Deliver disaster housing assistance through nonprofit organizations serving LMI populations
  • Consultant to Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) for Hurricanes Sandy and Irene, and Tropical Storm Lee
  • Provide project management oversight for thirteen (13) local governments in the southern tier of New York State
  • Perform contract, regulatory, and programmatic compliance reviews
  • Provide project monitoring for eighteen (18) projects valued at over $50m
  • Draft contract and program documents